Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to look thinner in photos: Get the Top 5 Tips for searching the advantageous Camera

    We've all done it before. Wearing a loose shirt and posing with a big smile on our face, just for our image to appear twice our size, with three big thighs and chin! Hit the rope? Do you shiver?
    Do not despair, because help is at hand! With my top five "big picture search tips below, you will never see this picture again.
    Installation Tips:
    Tip 1:
    Do not stand at attention in the same way every time. When not posing for photographs standing in front (like everyone else!). Instead of tilting the body in a corner, and you will cut in half measures.
    Tip 2:
    Wear dark colors for the most part of your body. If you have had two major points or behind to try to wear a darker color on the body. Now, I recommend the black course, as this can make the skin faded - unless the lighting is very nice. If you pull the door or under the lights, various medium dark blue color to dark gray, plum and violet will be great.,
    Tip No. 3:
    If you sit in the fire, move your body slightly forward, or sitting on the edge of a chair and turn your body slightly tilted. From sitting in front of you has more visual space, and the body inclined rear air thinner prior to installation.
    Tip 4:
    Avoid large prints like the plague! Models of great prints and a lethal combination if you try to increase the attractiveness of photos. Small, or something of the same color will reduce the size of the graphics.
    Tip 5:
    Try to get your photographer to take pictures from angles slightly higher at the same level as you. Even in this case would be to reduce the size of the video. Do the opposite - that a shot that shaved the photographer who look at you.

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How to look thinner in photos: Get the Top 5 Tips for searching the advantageous Camera

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